The California Industrial & Technology Education Association — a California (C)(6) not-for-profit organization
CITEA was founded in 1928 as the California Industrial Arts Association (CIAA), later became the California Industrial Education Association (CIEA) and is now the California Industrial and Technology Education Association, reflecting our commitment to both Technology Education and Industrial/Vocational Education.

Due to the crisis in California's ITE Education System and the need for political engagement to address these issues, CITEA is also a politically active nonprofit organization. The CITEA Foundation carries on the educational, professional development, and networking needs for our membership though-out California.

Who We Serve

CITEA is there for educators who teach Industrial and Technology Education Courses to prepare Tomorrow's Workforce to enter the fields of:



We believe that every California School should provide every student with the experience of learning Industrial and Technology literacy, to develop self-sufficiency, creativity, imagination and an appreciation of craftsmanship.


The Mission of the California Industrial and Technology Education Association is to serve all Industrial Technology and Vocational Education communities by providing professional development, legislative analysis, advocacy, and networking.


If you teach classes that use materials, tools, machines, software, technology to build, construct, assemble, fix, repair, analyze, design, make or create! If you use systems, machines, structures, or projects, to teach and educate, then you need to join CITEA!