Become a Member of CITEA


Membership in CITEA strengthens your profession!  The California Industrial and Technology Education Association (CITEA) represents industrial and technology educators and programs from the K-12, community colleges, and university systems throughout California.  Membership provides you outstanding industry-relevant conferences, regional workshops, and a variety of networking opportunities. We look forward to you joining your colleagues!

CITEA members include students, teachers, and administrators from middle schools, high schools, community colleges, colleges and universities, teacher union representatives, industry professionals, and representatives, and agents of trade, supply, and manufacturing certification organizations.

CITEA Members Receive Access To:

    • Professional training through conferences and workshops.
    • Industry best practices through collaborations and network connections
    • Relevant lessons and curriculum - through proven pedagogy 
    • Hands-on training in specific industry sectors 
    • Legislative advocacy
    • Networking with professionals and peers
    • Equipment and supplies for your programs

Representing You!

CITEA is our educational foundation (c)(3) which plans and carries out professional training, conferences, and fellowship with other ITE and VocEd professionals, while CITEA is a politically active organization (c)(6) that represents you, your programs, and your profession in Sacramento and across the state.