Come Join the Ranks of Industrial and Technology Teachers!

Teaching in the State of California, like many other states across our nation, is in crisis. Few teachers are being prepared for teaching in Industrial and Technology Education (ITE), and many jobs go unlisted because teachers and administrators despair of finding a well-trained candidate

Teaching in ITE and VocEd is a wonderful profession: Interesting, fun, and rewarding.

As ITE teachers retire, there are few candidates to replace them. Join this great profession!
If you are teaching on an emergency credential, these programs can help you complete full credential requirements. The CTE Credentialing Information link below will provide you with a list of all California Colleges, Universities, or Educational Offices offering ITE credentials. The spreadsheet also provides answers to several common questions regarding each respective credentialing program. Three of the preparatory program campuses are also listed below.

CTE Credentialing Information(Excel Spreadsheet)

For guidance in navigating CTE credentialing programs, call Richard Nicholson 626-664-5538

Teacher Preparatory Programs

California State University at Los Angeles
Status: Fully operational, awarding credentials
Technology Departmen
Dr. Mauricio Castillo

Fresno State University
Status: Fully operational, awarding credentials
Industrial Technology Department
Dr. Don Austin